VIDEO: Classic Gritstone Soloing – The Big E3s at Almscliff

As part of some research for a article I went out to Almscliff in Yorkshire – one of the best gritstone crags from my home area.

The crag is just awesome, with perfect quick drying rock and brilliant routes at all grades. I love it!

Ian Burton from Image Impossible captured some of my soloing on camera, and here is a great little video with some high routes and a bit of crag history. I hope you enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Classic Gritstone Soloing – The Big E3s at Almscliff”

  1. Great film Jack and Ian. Thanks for sharing it! What’s the route that starts up the crack of Great Western, but goes right where GW goes left? I fell off GW way back when, but I think I remember doing a VS crack that has the same start…

    1. Not sure off the top of my head Toby. Thanks for the compliments on the film. Such nice routes!


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